COED players needed

Putting together a last minute coed team. Need a few more girls and guys. Let me know if you're interested.


  • How many players do you have? Maybe we can combine our teams if we need to. I have 3 guys and 1 girl currently.
  • I have maybe two girls one for sure. I have some guys who might play but if you already have three plus me we can do that. You have a keeper? Also what level are you looking to play at?
  • I dont have a solidified keeper. When I made my team last year and whenever I played anyone can play it. But I for sure have 4. Looking to play COED Open.
  • Okay, what is your number? Okay i'm down to combine. Looks like we'll just need a few more girls.
  • 757-215-5766
  • Hey if y’all need more people I’d be down to play as well. 19yo M and I can play anything including keeper.
  • I am in my number is 757 338 4808
  • I am down to play coed i am 23 years old
  • Hey, I have three guys including myself looking for a team to play on. My number is 757-879-3704 . Please get back to me as soon as you can. Really want to play in the tournament this year
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