Looking for a team

I am looking to play on either a women's and / or coed team this year. If anyone needs a girl, let me know!! I am not new to sand soccer, last time I played was in coed open 2018.


  • We are not an Over 30 Team, but most of our players are over 30. If you are still looking for a team to join and are comfortable playing in the open division, please let me know. Njdenny@vt.edu
  • Good evening, we're also looking for girls to join our co-ed open team. dquen001@gmail.com if you're interested.
  • We are looking for one final female on our COed Open. I was a D1 college player, and our other two were travel girls. Our guys are pretty stacked, so we would love to have you fill the last spot!
  • Were you looking for a women's college team still?
  • Hi are you sorted with team, I m thinking of putting one in under my Business Name Expert Football Coaches (Soccer Club). I m from the UK and will play in GK, I m n ex- professional so I should be good Roger Murphy please get back to me murphyroger@hotmail.com It will be about $60 per player depending on numbers, I m also a professional soccer manger and coach so all good Let me know quickly via my email address Thnks Co - ED Over 30
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