Any U08 teams recruiting?

Looking for a U08 team for my son (turns 7 this march)


  • Your son is a superstar I hear! Someone should pick him up quick
  • I am the volunteer matching players and teams. What level does your son play? and are you still looking to have him placed with a team?
  • Mary, wed like to put our son on a u8 or u9 team?. Our daughter is already playing, it would be great to have him play as well.
  • I have a U8 team registered and we have one more spot open. What level does your son play?
  • I will put word out to coaches
  • We are looking for a team my son currently plays U10 but is 8 yrs. old. If you need an extra player please let us know. Thanks!
  • If you're still looking, we have room for one more player on our roster.
  • Yes I am looking, my number is 352-572-6129
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