11 y/o male looking to join a team

My 11 y/o boy has been playing rec for many years. He has never played in a Sand Soccer tournament, but would love the chance to. He is a good defender and has played a few seasons as a goalie as well (but prefers defending). He loves playing soccer and is hoping to get the chance to join a team for the sand soccer tournament.


  • Hi, we have a U12 boys (coed) team looking for a keeper/field player. Please let me know if you are interested. If so email me at ahanger14@yahoo.com
  • Ok found a keeper so looking for a U12 field player - ahanger14@yahoo.com
  • Hello my son would love to play navgirl31@gmail.com
  • My son is a strong player. He plays fwd, mid, and goalie. Can play ANY position. We moved out of the country and he’s had great training in Central America. We are back each year for Sand Soccer. We’ll be back Wednesday!!! Please let us know if he can join your team. He’s eager to play!!!
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