Female-Looking for Team(s)

Hey y'all! I'm 29 - and I've played sand soccer for the past 18 summers (usually on multiple teams-and often left with medals) but as life has taken so many of us in different directions, the usual groups I play with couldn't get a team together this year. Hoping I can find a Co-Ed team that has enough players and are looking for a female sub or two.

I've played competitively all my life up - Played club growing up, 4 years in high school, club in college + intramurals + adult leagues in the area (NoVa) (often playing on 2-3 teams at a same time..) and after graduating continued to play competitively ... always Co-Ed!

I'll be honest and say that I'm looking for a team that has subs.. Often in the past I've been stuck where people *say* we have subs and then day of - people don't show and it's a struggle to last for an entire period in the sand in the upper divisions!

I'd love to play more casually this year and join a team in a lower or middle division, *but* am totally willing to step it up and join a team in an upper division too - if needed.

It's preferable to join a team for the whole weekend, but I might also be open to filling in for someone who can't make one game or another due to work or other reasons (I know that often happens..)

Feel free to reach out to me via email bpwhite@fcps.edu *or* text me (757) 651-4381


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