We are looking for U9 Players

Looking for any U9 Boys who need a team! We have enough to field a team but looking for additional players. Please text/call at 757-831-4681 or matthew.domingos@gmail.com.


  • I have a son that wants to play he is 8 and he is looking for a team
  • @giovanni_13, we still have a few spots if your son is interested. I just need his first and last name and an email address for you and I will send the registration invite. ---Matt Domingos 757-831-4681, matthew.domingos@gmail.com
  • it is Giovanni Martinez and the email address is estelahm1984@gmail.com
  • I have a son and possibly a second boy that would be interested in playing and looking for a team. Both level 2, 2009 birth year. Anybody have spots still available?
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