Any space for 2 girls

Our Richmond travel team isn't doing a team anymore but my daughter and her friend really want to play. Are there any teams that have space for 2 girls?


  • I have one possibly two from a travel girls team in Richmond looking to play. If we get the goalie that posted we have 5!
  • Hi, it's the goalie mom here. We are definitely interested! We also may know another girl or two, if needed. :)
  • Great. Waiting to hear about 2 others and if they are in we have a team. My cell is 804-426-5869. My name is Melanie. Can you text me with your name, daughter's name so I can keep you in the loop? I will have to collect money and register this weekend so I'm hoping this will work out!
  • @gfriese1224 - Are you all set?
  • I need a couple of girls for my U12 team, please let me know if anyone still needs a team to play with
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