Daughter looking to play

My daughter is a goalkeeper for the U14 CCL girls team with Legacy. Sadly, we were unable to form a team this year. If you are looking for a keeper, please let me know, she maybe interested.



  • I am bringing from Richmond/VA a U15/U16 girls rec team to the tournament and I am in need of two or three players.
    Please let me know if your daughter wants to play for my team.
    Thank you!

    Gustavo E.
  • Do you still need a couple players? We are allowed to play up in the tournament, so if you don’t mind, I have an almost 11yr old & a 13yr old who play select soccer for about four years now. The 11yr old played up w her sister last year for sand soccer. Any interest in allowing them to play w your team?
  • Hi. I coach a U14 girls Beach FC team. A couple of my players had to drop out last minute so am looking to pick up an extra player or two. Is your daughter still interested and or available?
  • Hi have emailed you etolerton regarding my 2004 daughter playing and she has a team mate looking if you need two players.
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